Autodesk Fusion Manage and PowerBi integration2 min read

The reports in Autodesk Fusion Manage / PLM are fine, but they are not always sufficient for all management needs, so we created an integration between PowerBI. And not only that, but much more. Our company motto is: “The processes you manage can be measured. And what can be measured can be improved and developed in the long term.” It is also for this reason that the integration to the most widely used reporting platform Microsoft POWER BI was created. And it did not just stop there. Because without the right tool, you will not get the right results.

Customized data reports

Let’s take a look together at how easy it is to create custom data reports. I should point out that this is not just about PowerBi integration, but much more. So how to do it?

  1. Create (as many) Custom Reports in Autodesk Fusion manage. For more information about custom reports and other data, see PLM Help | Reports | Autodesk (manufacturer’s site).
  2. Name the report so that you know it is MSPowerBI – “YourCustomName”
  3. This will give you complete control over what data the report will contain and what exactly will be displayed in it
  4. Then, with our FuX-PLM-MSPower-Bridge integration, set up a connection in MS powerFlow to your Autodesk Fusion manage tenant, where you will already find your pre-built reports.
  1. The reports in Autodesk Fusion Manage are named according to a defined template.
  2. Set up where you want to export each report – and it s up to you whether it is to Sharepoint or a server (in the form of an MS Excel data cube).
  3. PowerAutomate will update the data in the data cube automatically according to your pre-set cycle.
  4. So you are all set and it is up to you when and how you use the data cube in POWER-BI

It is not necessary to use this solution only for MS PowerBI, but the data cubes are ready for any other systems.

The main benefit of this solution is that you only have to go through the whole setup process once and then just use the data wherever you want. The data is continuously updated so you are always working with the latest information.

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