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Processes which you do not control cannot be measured. And what cannot be measured cannot be improved and developed.

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Disorganized transmission of information?

Lost e-mails and project documentation?

The resulting recurrent stressful situations and frustration of co-workers, which lead to people leaving the company.

Denominators and triggers that result in financial losses for your company. Do you know this situation?

These situations have one thing in common, whether it is a small, medium-sized business or even a multinational corporation, and that is poorly set up and defined internal processes and data.

In this day and age full of information, changes and tight deadlines, when the emphasis is put on quick decision-making, you need to have the information at the right time to do your job and e-mails do not give you that.

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Processes and integration

Not only for the implementation of a process system, it is important to describe the individual processes, integrations and automations. It is always important to understand what needs to happen and when. Subsequently, information can be properly collected, evaluated and managed.

Proces Lifecycle Management

We not only describe processes, but also put systems in place to manage them.

Autodesk Fusion Manage is one of the key systems that we use to manage, collect information and then evaluate it.

Consultations and workshops

We do not try to put our clients into a box that they have to adapt to.

With an independent perspective, we can offer a different view of you company’s reality. Whether it is systems use, planning, integration or data collection and evaluation. Everything is evolving quickly, so the realization that what you have been doing for over 10 years is no longer ideal is progress in itself.


We have combined one of the most widely used LowCode platforms, Microsoft PowerAutomate, with Autodesk Fusion Manage 360. And it’s complete!

With this integration, we have other innovative solutions to make your job easier. Whether it’s working with PDFs, a tailor-made mobile app, email notifications or connecting to the GitHub platform.


We offer consultation in creating and improving your internal processes. We will help you find a way to grasp, describe, fine-tune and start managing your processes.

There is no need to adapt to boxed solutions or already defined process rules of ERP systems. We’re not afraid to get into optimizing any process. We can help you invent, describe, automate and fine-tune the process.

High level of competence

Our experience will help you create a quality product

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We love changes and challenges. They push us further and make us better. We are not clicking monkeys.

Each task or problem is part of a process as well as a whole. Sharing the right information at the right time and to the right people is more effective than overwhelming capable people.

No rewriting or unintentional human errors. What can be automated, let it happen automatically and you devote yourself to creative activity.

Not everything that has been done for generations is correct and effective. Everything is evolving, so come with us into the future for a more efficient world.

At the beginning of the business, the quantity of projects and orders is needed, but as soon as you have the orders, you need to start with efficiency and management, but this is not possible without information.


Our team

We are a team and that is important to us

We bring together open-minded people


We are a team of independent professionals. For more than ten years, we have been creating processes from employee positions, setting up soft and hard processes to help companies grow. Today, we offer this experience to you.

He has been working as a process consultant in the field of PLM systems for more than 14 years. He is always looking for new possibilities, but mainly how he can. He hates the sight or opinion that something is wrong. It's always possible, you just have to want it and find the right people for it.

Roman Kovařík

processes and consulting, PLM solution architect

We need a quality team that can implement our ideas technically and find ways to do it. We couldn't do without our programmers.

Developers team

someone else analyzes and describes, but this team sets it all in motion

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Processes which you do not measure cannot be improved

Roman Kovařík

Founder & CEO