“Our integration of Autodesk Fusion Manage 360 on the most widely used Microsoft Power platform takes your business processes to another dimension. This dynamic collaboration brings tremendous potential for the use of other tools and for managing every aspect of your business processes.”

Enter a new era of automation of processes, data and integration in Autodesk Fusion Manage 360 with FuX-PLM-MSPowerBridge. This is where the evolution of your business begins.

We’ve combined one of the most widely used LowCode platforms, Microsoft PowerAutomate, with Autodesk Fusion Manage 360. Completely. This unique and comprehensive solution connects the world of Autodesk PLM with all of Microsoft’s tools, creating room for unlimited processing of diverse business processes. Take your business processes to the next level of efficiency and automation.

The implementation of the FuX-PLM-Power-Bridge solution itself is primarily integrated into your Microsoft environment, where only you have exclusive access.

We will supply you with all the necessary components. In case you do not have your own suitable environment, we also offer the possibility to use our shared MS environment.

Within Autodesk Fusion Manage, we will provide you with all the necessary functionality if you want to manage the integration yourself. Or our specialists can create a solution tailored to your needs.

We have already created a direct connector between Autodesk Fusion manage and the ABRA ERP system. If you would like to learn more, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here for you.

Take a look at some examples of what is possible thanks to our interconnection (however, we are able to prepare almost any solution for you – it just depends on your processes and needs):

  • Two-way Integration of projects and tasks from Fusion Manage and SharePoint environment

  • Task resolution from Fusion Manage integrated into MS Teams for detailed team communication

  • Two-way Exchange of documentation and Information between Autodesk Fusion manage and MS SharePoint

  • Integration to your MS Exchange/Outlook and through this switch to your own company standards and e-mail notifications and templates

  • Transfer data output and reports from Autodesk Fusion manage to MS PowerBI

  • Integration to other web-based systems in the company thanks to the connectors already available in MS PowerPlatform

  • Two-way Integration of Fusion Manage with your other systems or ERP systems

  • and much more

With MS PowerPlatform integration, you can use any of your MS PowerApps applications as an extension to your Autodesk Fusion Manage system, or even use it as a mobile version.

With our Fuxsy solution, you get a truly comprehensive, full-featured solution tailored to your individual needs:

  • Management of your company processes = Autodesk Fusion Manage
  • Integration with MS PowerAutomate = Fux-PLM-MSPower-Bridge
  • Automation = Microsoft PowerAutomate
  • Integration with other systems = MS PowerAutomate
  • Customized applications = MS PowerApps
  • Reports = MS PowerBi
  • Backup and changes = FuX-PLMGitHub sync

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“PDF is an important pillar of the modern world and everyone uses it.”

With our innovative extension, you can also use the PDF format in your Autodesk Fusion Manage 360 system. We automatically turn your custom print templates into PDF or other formats.

It’s then up to you how you want to handle these documents. You can automatically attach them to item attachments in your PLM system, paste them into email or other systems. Practically anywhere you need them.

Plus, without the need to install special applications or servers. Just drop us a line and we will provide you with instructions on how you can implement this feature yourself into your existing PLM infrastructure, or we will be happy to help you with deployment.

All this no matter where in the world or what time zone you are in.

  • není potřeba žádná speciální aplikace ani server
  • All you need to do is purchase FuX-PLM-Publisher and we will provide you with a script that you simply insert into your Autodesk Fusion Manage library. As part of this you will receive a unique identifier from us.

  • You then just need to have your own print assembly or multiple templates in PLM and through the library function, they can be sent on click or in-process

  • Basically, you will immediately get a PDF file back as an attachment to your item

  • You do not need any additional special application or server

  • You are in full control of your print formats. You do not need us at all for any editing, but of course we are available and happy to help you if needed.

The FuX-PLM-Publisher’s functions can be useful, for example, when:

  • you need to store and archive print outputs in print format
  • you want to easily print or email these files
  • you need to save these PDF files to your sharepoint or ERP system for later use
  • you need to send these forms to a printer for signature or for further processing
  • your ISO certification also requires signatures and a PDF archive is not a problem
  • you have any other reason to have the form in PDF.
  • FuX-PLM-Publisher is not limited to a PDF format. Its true value lies in its full scalability, allowing you to completely customize the solution to your requirements and the size of your company.
  • It is an open platform where further development options to suit your specific requirements are a given. You do not have to limit yourself to the PDF format. Let your wishes become reality.
  • You can rent this service from us for a period of time defined by you. Just contact us and we will prepare a quote for you.
  • If you are not sure, you can test this add-on for the first 14 days for free. Contact us and we will arrange a test run.






“We will create a custom application with your design and features that will be directly linked to your processes and information in Autodesk Fusion Manage 360 and beyond.”

Thanks to our complete integration of Fux-PLM-MSPower-Bridge and the MS Power Apps platform for creating custom applications, we offer you the possibility to get a tailor-made application that directly interacts with Autodesk PLM at any stage of the process or information gathering and sharing.

  • Zakládání, editace a klonování položek 
  • Práce s workflow 
  • Vyhledávání 
  • Reportování  
  • Kusovník 
  • A další Custom funkce

To use this solution, you must have your own MS PowerApps license in your Microsoft environment. We will provide you with the transfer of integration functions and then either build or you can create a mobile application tailored to your needs.

The created Power application will offer you all PLM functions with two-way communication such as:

  1. Setting up editing and cloning items in the system

  2. Work with workflow and security compliance set in the system

  3. Searching

  4. Reporting

  5. BOM (Bill of Materials)

  6. And other Custom features

  • Each solution is individually designed according to the client’s requirements. However, we have sample applications available for you to test. Just write to us.
  • Considering extending the Autodesk Fusion Manage 360 / PLM platform to multiple users without the unnecessary cost of licenses? If so, this option is exactly what you are looking for.

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“Email notifications and print outputs tailored to your needs”

Are you missing something in the standard Autodesk Fusion Manage Email Notifications or would you like to see Print Outputs?

Try our Custom Email Management, Escalation and Reporting solution that perfectly matches your standards and needs. You can rent this service from us for a period of time that you specify.

  • Používání Vaší emailové domény, která se hodí pro posílání emailů klientům nebo jiným externím pracovníkům. 
  • Kompletní vlastnictví
  • Možnost nadefinovaní vlastních šablon
  • You simply order the service from us and then we provide you with the scripts to insert into your Autodesk Fusion Manage library. You will also get your unique identifier.
  • The solution is built on MS PowerAutomate and can be fully implemented into your existing Microsoft environment. However, if you do not have your own PowerAutomate licenses, you can use our own environment.

We use your own email server from your company domain, regardless of whether it is MS Exchange or Google Email.

This way you can efficiently

  • send emails to clients or other external staff
  • enable everyone to uniquely identify messages as coming from your company.
  • All email templates are owned by you.
  • You will not be limited by the number of templates or processes for your email notification needs.

FuX-PLMGitHub sync

“Autodesk PLM code and script development under GITHUB control”

Whether you are a user, PLM Admin, contractor or solution developer in Autodesk Fusion manage 360 / PLM and you need to carefully manage the codes you have created in this system, we have a simple solution for you. Thanks to our integration with the world-renowned GitHub platform, you can easily have this control in your hands.

  • Simply create your own GitHub Repository
  • Contact us about implementation and synchronization between Autodesk PLM and GitHub.
  • And that’s it, you do not need anything else. Our experienced implementation specialists will take care of everything else.
  • Backups of all scripts from Autodesk PLM to GitHub repository
  • Script versioning
  • Collaboration over codes
  • Code search

It is always possible to look for improvements, but this solution is really easy and beneficial.

Currently, the integration is one-way, which means it allows transfer from PLM to GitHub. However, we do not just stop there. Our teams are working to extend the capabilities of this integration and introduce functionality for two-way data flow between Autodesk PLM and GitHub.

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