Process optimization

We offer consultation in creating and improving your internal processes.

We will help you find a way to grasp, describe, fine-tune and start managing your processes. With an independent perspective, we will bring you a different view of your company’s reality. Whether it’s systems use, planning, integration, data collection and evaluation.

” The process you manage can be measured. And what can be measured can be improved and developed “

We will automate your processes through integration and automation in which data from your key systems meet.

This will give you an ideal overview of where the process is right now and all the data to further optimize the process.


“With our own integration to the most widely used Microsoft Power platform, this solution has huge potential for making use of other tools and managing your processes.”

How we do it

There is no need to adapt to box solutions or already defined process rules of ERP systems.

We can help you adapt the process platform to your requirements.

We will start managing your processes efficiently. To do this, we use Autodesk’s cloud-based low-code process platform, which we can variably integrate into the Microsoft Power platform.

Once the systems have been implemented, we can train your IT department so that they are able to make further changes themselves. Or our cooperation will continue and we will help you whenever a process needs to be modified or another system you already use needs to be integrated.

We automate

what can be automated (elimination of errors and amount of work)

We integrate

to other systems you use (processes are not interrupted)

Continuous monitoring

The system measures and monitors whatever you need and it's measurable

In one place

Data from all your other systems meet in our system

Further optimization

Thanks to the data obtained, we can further optimize the process

Benefits of cooperation

We will help you to invent, describe and fine-tune the process.

Your process can look as complex as you like. We build the process like a lego, piece by piece, exactly according to your needs.

You do not have to be limited by the rules and limited possibilities of ERP systems.

We will help you to adapt the system to your diverse processes and introduce order, automation and, most importantly, clarity. Implement and manage your process exactly the way you want it.


“We are not afraid to start optimizing any process.”


of money and time


of processes is higher

Quality data

for further optimization




What are we building on?

Autodesk Fusion 360 Manage (PLM)

It is a LowCode processing platform which we use as a system used by users for data collection, process control, definition of conditions and criteria for process control

Microsoft Power Platform

We use Microsoft’s most widely used platform for automation, integration and other interfaces with Microsoft’s solution which is also LowCode and thus completes the complete solution.

  • Customized applications using powerApps
  • Tailored reports using powerBi
  • Automation with powerAutomate


LowCode platform for custom application development. If you have a custom application, system, database or even just excel and need to quickly convert your custom solution into a simple application that is compatible with the latest system requirements as you have it today. Thanks to Jetveu we can do it in a few days.

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Processes which you do not measure cannot be improved

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