FuX-PLM-MSPower-Bridge – Released versions

20.November 2023 

Version V1.10.0 

  • Get print view as HTML  
  • Connect email notifications from Fusion within Company domains to follow company standards 
  • Read groups & users to be used for security in MS PowerApps


18.September 2023 

Version V1.9.0 

  • MS PowerBI process integration within Fusion Manage reports 
  • Run Action custom script on item 


14.August 2023 

Version V1.8.0 

  • Get reports from Autodesk Fusion Manage 
  • Search items cross Workspaces 
  • Get Grid tab fields 
  • Create new row in Grid of item 
  • Update Grid in row of item 


02.July 2023  

Version V1.7.1 

  • Generate PDF from customized HTML forms in Fusion Manage on Item and upload in attachments 
  • Upload any other attachment to item in Fusion manage from PowerApps & PowerAutomate 
  • Upload new version in Attachment for item 


14.June 2023  

Version V1.6.0 

  • Manage statuses & Transitions on Item over MS power Automate 
  • Manage statuses & Transitions on Item over MS power Apps 


04.May 2023  

Version V1.5.0 

  • V1 Authentication to Autodesk Fusion Manage over Forge 
  • Read list of workspaces in Fusion Manage 
  • Read Item in workspace 
  • Read all sections on Items 
  • Read all Fields on item 
  • Create new Item in workspace 
  • Update Item in workspace 
  • Get values from pick lists  



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